Frida Night Vibe Reviews

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Weekend in Joshua Tree
Jeremy Fuller
Can’t get enough of this candle!!!!

I bought this candle at an expo in DTLA back in February. I absolutely LOVE this scent. Even when the candle wasn’t burning I’d catch a whiff and think “damn! This smells so good!”
My candle is done now but I still keep it on my coffee table because the little wax that’s left over smells so damn good.

I can’t wait for this to come back in stock! I might mess around and cop one for every room in my house!

Pink Odyssey
Carol Douglas
Pink Odyssey

The Pink Odyssey has a very soft aroma. Not too overpowering. I also enjoyed the colors of the container...very pretty.

I owe myself Clarity is so good. You must get this!!

I'm addicted to having everything smell good and discovered Friday Night Vibe at at the 626 market. She was sold out of this scent so I had to go order it online. The scent is exactly I remember- fruity and fresh. Just makes you smile. I spray it on my sheets, on my clothes. It's perfect. Not overpowering at all.

Fabulous scent!

This scent makes my room smell clean and fresh ~ use it every day to make me feel pampered!!! So glad I found this natural product in a non plastic container! Literally my favorite scent ever!!!

Gingerbread Snuggles
Secret Diamond
Christmas Vibes

I freaking loves candles that smell like desert. 💖 This one really does give me winter Holiday vibes!

The BEST Scented Candle

Keep Me Warm Baby is the best candle I’ve ever smelled. I’m obsessed with candles and always have one burning, so I’ve tried a ton of different brands and scents. Not one comes close to Friday Night Vibe’s candles. It’s super fragrant, without being too much, and can easily scent an entire room without too much burn time. I highly recommend it!

A Sweet Gift

Fresh and light! I prefer more musky scents, but this was the perfect Christmas gift for a friend. She started burning it immediately as she commented that the scent reminded her of a nice spring morning and helped remove the gloom of a rainy winter.

Holiday Delight

I love more masculine scents, however Whisky Girl is a perfect blend of sweet and bourbon! We had this candle burning all December with a glass of perfectly spiked nog in hand.

Warm & Snuggly

This is for sure in my top 3 favorite scents! This reminds me of a wonderful night snuggling with my husband or hanging out with my girlfriends on a cabin trip. It's so wonderful and a must have in your collection!


This is the best candle ever! It smells so amazing and that's before I even light it. So glad I found Friday Night Vibes! I will be buying more and these will be my go-to gifts from now on.

OMG! This candle is EVERYTHING!

My candle came perfectly packaged and wrapped, and as soon as I opened it I was smacked in the face with its AMAZING smell. I lit this up and my whole house smelled delicious. Will definitely buy more! Well worth it!

Love It!

I bought it as a gift for the entire house. Every time I would stop burning the candle, someone would relight it. I'm surprised the wicks didn't out burn the wax, this is quality stuff right here, the entire house smelled delightful, we could smell it as soon as we walked inside.

Date Night

A WONDERFUL scent to give during the holidays especially to spice up your friend's relationship vibes!

Love this candle

You can smell it throughout the room and the smell doesn't just fade away after the first few hours. Friday Night Vibe is my go to candle shop

Witch Vibes
Katie Romansik
Amazing products

Oh my gosh these candles are amazing!!! The customer service was amazing! I ordered a candle and wax melts. The scent has filled my whole house without be over powering! I will for sure be placing another order for myself and also Christmas gifts!


Once I first found this scent, I instantly knew it would be great for my nightly routine because of how relaxing and soothing it smelled. I tried it out sprayed once or twice in the air above my bed and it was a game changer for falling asleep for me. It was so relaxing I was able to fall asleep much faster than I normally ever did before, and got a better sleep overall. It became my go-to for whenever I wanted to relax, and without fail every time any headache or energy or anything like that would slowly fade until I felt calm. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent and would highly recommend to anyone interested!!!

My new go-to scent for going out almost anywhere

Ran into the booth at a pop up shop at 626 Night Market and stumbled across this scent; INSTANTLY my girlfriend fell in love with the scent and wanted me to buy it because it suits my style and vibes. Only a few sprays and genuinely got many compliments that I smelled nice, and even a few other guys asking where I got my "cologne" from. One of the best scented sprays I've ever purchased by far!!!!

Love it

I use my spray daily! I really love it! Thank you!

Witch Vibes
Feliciana Medina
Friday Night Vibe

I’m so happy I ran into this small business @ the night market Bay Area I simply love her candles / she’s a dope soul 💙 I recommend everyone to support her business very worth it.! Candles are amazing.!

VIBE Spray: Weekend in Joshua Tree


I wrote the other review but I didn't have an account:
I met the owner at 626 Night Market and her personality is true to her brand!! Very sweet, and I’m absolutely obsessed with the smell of this candle. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more before it sold out!!! The candle smells very sweet and smells almost similar to lychee.

Love this scent

This is amazing, the scent is calming and it last.

My dad loves this smell. It’s got a nice musky undertone to it but it’s also very fresh. Makes a great gift for a dad or boyfriend

Best Wax Melts

I am super picky when it comes to fragrances. So when I found Friday Night Vibe I took a risk and bought them online. It was the best decision! I will continue to buy all of my fragrances, candles and wax melts! They’re the best.

I finally found THE ONE

I hate perfumes. I always have. I hate the alcohol smell of them, but this spray changed that
I was at a pop up shop at the 626 night market and I passed by Chevonne’s booth and she said “come feel the vibes!!” due to her enthusiasm I came to check her stuff out and I am SO GLAD I DID. She’s so nice and showed me this island escapade.
I’ve never been able to find perfume or spay that I like and this one finally changed that. It’s not too sweet it’s the right amount of coconut and whatever magic is in it, and no alcohol smell.
The best part: it lasted on me ALL DAY. All through work and I sweat at work a lot due to our PPE.
A must buy.